Finally! No longer is it a distant dream. The very best of both worlds has arrived in South Africa!

There is no nicer or lower cost way to spend time than sailing. There are few things in the world that are as quiet, graceful and downright fun. You will find no better way to spend an hour, a weekend or an entire vacation. From the vantage point of a sailboat, the normal cares of the world seem small. A sailboat is versatile. For a couple, put on the music, fill the ice chest and you have romance. It is also a wonderful sport for a family.


Enter the Trailer-able Power Sailer.
You can always make a fast boat go slower by reducing sail, but you can't make a slow boat sail fast. There is no sacred principle that says a great cruising sailboat should be slow, and there is no greater frustration than a comfortable "houseboat" that just doesn't sail.  With certain models able to accept up to a 140hp inboard turbo diesel, you never have to worry about no wind anymore and when the weather turns foul, you can out-run even the most threatening of storms.   Best of all, these boats are equipped like any modern well appointed caravan or motor home anywhere in The Americas, Europe or South Africa.



Luxurious interior

Bliss under sail

Loves the BIG water

Thrilling under power

Trailer & launch easy

Economical outboard



About Us

We are are a dedicated, specialist boat company.
Our main focus is on the Trailer-able power sailer category of boats - we like to call them our "floating caravans".  We are based in Hermanus in the Western Cape - South Africa. You are more than welcome to contact us for any information regarding new or used boats.

Send us an email: info@excellentboats.co.za

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