Welcome to a new way to enjoy the water...



There are a lot of "trailer sailers" out there, but only a few "trailer-able power sailers".

As avid outdoor enthusiasts  we get extremely exited about these hybrid boats.


Where in the past we had to make a very difficult choice...




When there's no wind... oh no! now we cannot do anything with the sail boat... and looked at all the other families enjoying a bit of water skiing, or motoring to a quiet part of the water's edge and laze around or go ashore for a braai.  Or... when there's too much wind.  Oh no! winds of up to 15 knots... now we cannot water ski... and we had to be content with watching the other families having so much fun with their sail boats!

Enter the Trailer-able Power Sailer.
At long last this situation is no longer the case.  We can now take full advantage of calm days to water ski and go across to the other side and have a picnic or just laze around on deck catching some sun.  And on windy days, we don our foul weather gear and jump in the boat to go for a spot of exhilarating sailing!

The best of both worlds indeed!


The perfect hybrid...

As you will see from the available information, the boats are somewhat of a “radical departure” from the standard sail boat and power boats out there today. It has taken the original "trailer sailer" / "Holiday 23" ideas and “evolved” it to become a true floating camper - your floating abode if you will...


You either love them, or hate them - we just love them!

What a person must remember though is this: The MacGregor for instance, is a no-nonsense boat that comes in a very basic configuration, ready to sail, but still basic – and the mods that have already been carried out on the interior and systems, are absolutely astonishing. And if you're long past your handyman days or not even that way inclined, opt for a boat that has all the latest stuff built in – either as a factory option or kitted out by your local boat shop - and enjoy all the nice to have’s the MacGregor owners like to do themselves without breaking a sweat.

Another thing that you have to come to terms with, is the hull shape and the whole idea of the boat not being a purist sail nor power boat – you either love it or hate it!  What we love about the concept, is the live aboard facilities that allow you to pull off into a camping site and sleep inside the boat, as if it were a caravan for the night, if you travel say from Cape Town to Midmar for a breakaway for instance. The other nice thing is, you can sail to your heart’s content in the Langebaan Lagoon, without having to pay mooring fees, because you tow and launch it like a standard power boat. So… this month Langebaan or Hartebeespoort, next month !Gariep… what a pleasure…


Affordable luxury

And compared to the cost of a modern caravan and/or motor home, you stand a very good chance to get a lot of change from the price of even a midrange motor home. Especially with an imported caravan ranging from R220 000 to R600 000 and motor homes ranging between R500 000 and R3 200 000.


But now you no longer have to wait...

Yes… These boats are available right now plus all three designs have proven themselves over and over.  Therefore do not delay.


Luxurious interior


Romantic dining

Thrilling under sail

Trailer & launch easy

Economical outboard


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MacGregor  26M

MacGregor Sailboats


Pricing starts from around R395 000 (sail-away) - without motor and options

theEdge 27

Marlow-Hunter Sailboats


Pricing starts from around R565 000 (sail-away) -  without motor and options

Imexus 28

Imexus Yachts


Pricing starts from around R635 000 (sail-away) - without motor and options